According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), millions of people have crossed the Ukrainian border to escape the war since the outbreak of the conflict, and the number of displaced people leaving their homes in search of a safer place is increasing every day.

The situation in the border countries is very difficult. That is why we are working with Fundación Mensajeros de la Paz at the Siret border crossing in Romania, to provide shelter, basic humanitarian aid such as food and water, and comfort to those fleeing war. We also helped to organize, together with HM Hospitales and Mediaset, two charity performances of the Ukrainian Virsky Ballet. The proceeds will go towards medical care for sick Ukrainian children arriving in Spain.

Together we form a network of solidarity. On page 58 of this magazine we tell you about other generous initiatives that are being launched to help those suffering the ravages of war. And you, do you also want to join the network?

Una red de solidaridad con Ucrania