Fundación MAPFRE has set up a permanent exhibition with a collection of sixty-five works by Joan Miró (Barcelona, 1893-Palma, 1983), most of them signed from 1960 onward. Madrid thus has a new space dedicated to this artist, thanks to the generosity of the collectors who have loaned such an extraordinary legacy to Fundación MAPFRE.

Also on display are several works by the sculptor Alexander Calder, collaborator and friend of Miró. Throughout the exhibition visitors can appreciate the elements, shapes and colors that inspired the artist, such as the stars, spheres, birds and the female form. All his works were produced with emphatic brushstrokes and meticulous details, and reveal the mutual influences adopted by Miró and some of the most important figures of mid-20th century American painting, such as Pollock, Rothko or Motherwell.