This section, which is the first the reader comes across, always aims to underscore highly positive actions for society at large that can be portrayed with a picture. What you see here is not the photo we had originally intended to use, namely smiling children participating in Fundación MAPFRE’s social activities. The edition of this issue closed just when the disruption caused by COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic. At that very moment, Fundación MAPFRE fell in line with all the recommendations issued by the health authorities in each country where we are present, duly adopting all the measures designed not only to prevent further infections, but also to combat the spread of the virus. Hundreds of thousands of professionals all over the world, especially health care workers, are on the front line fighting this pandemic and we are truly grateful for their social commitment. But we also want to be close to the families of the patients and, most especially, of those who have died.

Dear reader, while this pandemic has forced us to cancel or postpone most of our activities, have no doubt that we will be recovering our normal routine as soon as this crisis is over. In the meantime, we will continue helping the community through our digital outlets and social media. This magazine is an important part of that aid in difficult times and we therefore wanted to keep its informative and entertaining content available in both the online version and the print version in your hands.

Helping the community, Fundación MAPFRE donates to residential homes and other social welfare entities

Helping the community