Fundación MAPFRE is presenting the exhibition Hell According to Rodin in Barcelona, which may be visited through January 21, 2018. This display invites the public to explore the creation of one of the icons of the n-de- siècle art world: The Gates of Hell by Auguste Rodin. The sculptor took the Inferno from Divine Comedy as his source of inspiration, but he became increasingly in uenced by the ambiguity and sensuality of Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil poems. In the photo we see The Thinker, which represents Minos, the judge, but also Dante meditating upon his own work and, by extension, any creator, even Rodin himself.

Image: Le Penseur, sur élément de chapiteau [The Thinker, on an element of the capital], 1881-1888. Musée Rodin, Paris S.© Photographic Agency of the Musée Rodin – Pauline Hisbacq.