We will be sharing contents on our foundation’s activities via social media to accompany you in these difficult times.

Due to the international health emergency caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and following the indications of the authorities, Fundación MAPFRE decided to temporarily suspend all its scheduled on-site activities. For our institution, the most important thing at the moment is to avoid putting at risk the health of employees, participants, teams of educators, or other collaborators and providers.

Wishing to accompany the general public in these difficult times, while they are confined to their homes, our foundation has launched a social media plan. As long as this confinement goes on, both children and adults will be able, for example, to enjoy educational contents related to road safety issues and learn how to prevent accidental injuries in the home.

Reading can obviously be of great help in these tough times.  For this reason, Fundación MAPFRE will also publish tips on emotional well-being, and will be sharing further stories from the Neighborhood Superheroes initiative. We can thus learn firsthand how to mitigate a complicated situation thanks to the solidarity of those around us. Readers will also be encouraged to share their own small stories of solidarity.

In addition, for all those who enjoy cooking, we will be publishing videos in which the chef Dani Garcia teaches us easy, wholesome recipes to share with our little ones. And there will be advice on enjoying a healthy diet, including tips on how to know whether you are physically or emotionally hungry, or how to eat less without counting calories.

Moreover, culture lovers will be able to access videos to gain indepth knowledge of the Fundación MAPFRE Collections and maybe recall some of the exhibitions they visited in our Madrid and Barcelona halls.

Emotional well-being

Among the contents we will be publishing on our social media are those related to emotional well-being when working from home, helping us to deal with the tough moments we have to go through at the individual and family level.

The first of these will analyze some of the laws governing how our emotions work, as they are something that accompanies us throughout our life, yet nobody teaches us how to handle them.

In addition, other texts will be published to learn how to manage those negative moods or how to handle conflicts that may arise when living on top of one another. There will also be short videos about being resilient and enjoying healthy interpersonal relationships.

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