A total of 63,812 Spaniards lost their lives due to cardiovasular diseases in 2014. With the aim to improve women’s health, our ambassadors help us with our campaign Mujeres por el Corazón.

“The stoicism of women often prevents them looking after their heart, heeding the symptoms and preventing its onset.” With these words the Minister of Health began her speech during the celebration of the second anniversary of this awareness campaign, held on February 13 in Madrid. Dolors Montserrat also stressed that women have a great capacity for achieving a work life balance and are one hundred percent devoted to looking after others, “which sometimes leads to us neglecting our own health.” For this reason, she added, it is so necessary to “raise awareness about the importance of taking care of our heart, so as to be able to continue offering our very best to society.”

We have had the opportunity to interview our embassadors.

Ana Rosa Quintana

“We look after our family, yet rarely think about  ourselves”

What led you to support this Women for the Heart initiative?

Ever since I learned the details, I decided to get involved. I wasn’t aware that it’s the leading cause of female mortality and I felt I had to make this known. We’ve always believed that heart attacks were a male problem and women have always been more concerned about gynecological checkups. This initiative has to be promoted.”.

Do you think women should take better care of themselves?

We are great caretakers, always looking after our family, parents, children and partner, yet rarely thinking about ourselves, always downplaying our own problems. We should think about ourselves a little more.

How will the campaign be disseminated from your Telecinco TV channel?

We’re going to do a mammoth campaign within the project 12 months, 12 causes. It will be broadcast throughout the Mediaset Group for a month and will serve to raise awareness among women.

What key messages do you feel should be underscored in order to avoid and reduce heart disease?

I’d highlight the need to be aware of the data – that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death among women – and then I’d offer the keys to preventing and reducing this risk: take exercise; stick to a balanced diet; monitor your weight, which is always a risk; control your cholesterol; go for the necessary checkups; and try to be happy. In short, take care of our heart.

How do you look after yourself?

I follow all these guidelines.

What most motivates you at this stage of your life?

My family and my work.

As an ambassador of this project, what one tip do you feel is key to ensuring that women enjoy better health (both mental and physical)?

Simply that we should take better care of, and pamper, ourselves, treat ourselves the same way we do with our families, no more and no less..


Mónica Naranjo

“Music is a medicine for the heart”

Why do you think it is important to support this type of campaign?

It’s very important to get across to society everything that affects our health, provide the public with knowledge of how to detect the early signs of a possible disease and how to remedy it.

Did you know that heart disease is more frequent among women?

Yes, I’ve experienced it in my own family.

How do you look after your heart?

I’m a very orderly person as regards managing my emotions, increasingly more so. As soon as I feel head is not sailing along as it should, I cast my anchor and wait for life to abate. From experience, I know that one thing leads to another. Another key factor is to not neglect good eating habits and to take physical exercise, especially long-distance runs, which is really good for physical and mental health.

How will you be helping to disseminate this campaign through music?

Music has a soothing effect and is one of the best medicines for the heart; in fact, the heart is responsible for its creation.

As an ambassador of this project, what one tip do you feel is key to ensuring that women enjoy better health?

Live the present in a smooth, unruffled fashion, stay clear of bad personal habits and all toxic agents, eat healthily and calmly, sleep peacefully, take long walks surrounded by nature and, most importantly, go for a checkup each year with your cardiologist.


Ruth Beitia

“Sport enables you to keep your heart happy”

What motivated you to participate in this campaign?

I was thrilled that they thought of me to participate in this project. I’m greatly motivated by being able to collaborate with my image to see to it that no woman has heart problems. The statistics are alarming.

How does the heart of an Olympic champion beat?

With strength and joy. Sport is no longer my profession, but it is my passion.

Sport increases the size of your heart in such proportions that doctors refer to it as “athlete’s heart”. How do you train yours?

Every year I go for a thorough medical examination, including an ultrasound of my heart. Elite
sport is very demanding.

Did you have to change many habits when you decided to become a professional athlete?

Basically, I’ve always been very health conscious. What I most watch is my rest and diet.

Did you know that cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in Spain, ahead of cancer?

I’m afraid I did know that. Hence my collaboration in the campaign.

As an ambassador of this project, what one tip do you feel is key to ensuring that women enjoy better health (both mental and physical)?

Changing your eating habits and taking physical exercise. Exercise is addictive, it’s an incredible social tool and enables you to keep your heart happy.