The La Fundación magazine was created in order to help disseminate culture and bring us closer to the general public. Our aim is for it to generate opinion with respect to all our different areas of activity. Our articles, open to reflection, present a range of diverse, topical contents such as art and culture, but also interviews, features and information on accident prevention, health and social commitment.

Why have a magazine?

To get closer to society and inform people about our activities. Our goal was to bring together in one single publication all our topics of interest – road safety, art and culture, accident prevention, insurance and social protection, and health and social action – as well as showcase our foundation’s work.


Disseminate our values and inform the public about them.
Become a leading source of information on the important role foundations play in society. Serve as a meeting place where topics currently of interest to the general public are discussed: the environment, business ethics, art, culture, security, solidarity, tolerance, etc.

Three languages

At first, this magazine was only published in Spanish. However, in 2012, we started publishing it in our corporate languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Target Public

We want to reach out to society as a whole; for this reason, our magazine is distributed to companies, foundations and universities.


Our design, renewed in 2016, fosters the transversal nature of the contents from all of Fundación MAPFRE’s areas, highlighting the transmedia aspect of our magazine.

Digital edition

We reach the whole world thanks to our online version, which incorporates rich media content.

Our magazine has always striven to closely reflect the reality of our world with relevant articles and, to do so, has relied on the participation of personalities from very different fields. There now follow quotes from some of the leading figures of this decade.

In good company

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Issue 49, 2019
Luis Rojas Marcos
“The problem arrives when dependency exists, when people misuse technology and become addicted to their phone, something they can’t live without.”

Luis Rojas Marcos
Elena Ochoa

Issue 29, 2014
Elena Ochoa
“Nostalgia only brings on melancholy and feeling it for a few seconds is more than enough. Holding on to it for minutes only hinders looking forward.”

Issue 4, 2009
José Saramago
Author and Nobel Literature Laureate
“We can’t blame young people for the society in which they live, because they have done nothing to make it the way it is. The responsibility is all ours. That young people are materialistic? Indeed, but we adults are no less so.”

José Saramago
Jesús Vaquero

Issue 37, 2016
Jesús Vaquero
“We have created a cell therapy medicament that is giving many people hope again.”

Issue 24, 2013
Leila Guerriero
Journalist and author
“It seems to me that literary journalism is going through an interesting period in Latin America. It’s not the best possible world, but it is better than the world of ten or fifteen years ago where there were three ‘madmen’ doing this and very few places where they could get published.”

Leila Guerriero
Mijail Gorbachov

Issue 11, 2010
Mijail Gorbachov
Politician and Nobel Peace Laureate
“It is vital that foundations and other social organizations continue to exist and to exert pressure, because the political powers are doing very little. We have to raise our voice, make ourselves heard. Civil society must intensify its role in politics.”

Issue 8, 2010
Guy Cogeval
President of the Musée d’Orsay
“The museum must seek new audiences, be open to the general public, speak all languages… As a connoisseur and historian, I believe that a museum is a place for introspection and discovering new experiences before works of art.”

Guy Cogeval

Our topics

Issue 37, 2016
The millennials and insurance
The report Millennials and Insurance in Spain, produced by Fundación MAPFRE, reveals considerable concern about the future: 85 percent do not trust the public pension system and over half have thought about saving to complement the pension they will receive from the State.

Issue 20 2012
Cyclists, a vulnerable group
The proliferation of bike lanes in our cities has greatly contributed to reducing the accident rate of cyclists.

Issue 42, 2018
Educational innovation is indeed necessary
Educators and teachers are increasingly critical of the traditional teaching system, that is to say, direct instruction classes in which the teacher is the protagonist. In this society of the Internet and instant information, pupils need other tools, other methodologies. Fortunately, some are already being applied.

Issue 45, 2018
A proper diet as children to become healthy adults
The paradox of today’s society is that, while there is hunger in the world, 41 million children under the age of five are overweight.

Issue 43, 2018
Women, a driving force to change the world
We are working to further the empowerment of women in those countries where we are present. If we want sustainable social development for our world, it is essential to help ensure women make progress.

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