Simón Sosvilla

Interview with Simón Sosvilla

“The current growth model needs to be revised, orienting it toward inclusion and sustainability” TEXT: NURIA DEL OLMO IMAGES: LAURA GONZÁLEZ LOMBARDIA In...
Entrevista a Mariano Jabonero

Interview with Mariano Jabonero

secretary general of the OEI (Organization of Ibero-American States) TEXT: MARTA VILLALBA IMAGENS: © OEI, 2020 “We must bear in mind that there exists a world of education outside school” Secretary General of the OEI (Organization of Ibero-...
Entrevista a Marta Sanz

Interview to Marta Sanz

«Culture provides us with a critical sense, beauty and curiosity» A Nadal literary prize finalist in 2006 and winner of such major awards as the Herralde de Novela or the Vargas Llosa de Relatos, she has no doubt that each day that passes is a da...