Insurance culture

Las palabras del seguro

Insurance terminology

A little over four centuries have passed since the publication in Madrid of Sebastian de Covarrubias Orozco’s Treasure of the Castilian or Spanish Language in ...
Cuando el seguro es poesía

When insurance is poetry

Poetry and insurance would appear to belong to two parallel worlds never intended to meet. However, stubbornly set as always, reality makes sure it surprises us every once in a while. TEXT: ANA SOJO IMAGES: ISTOCK 1914 saw the publication in S...
Cultura de previsión en el centro de la Ciudad de México

Culture of protection in the center of Mexico City

Fundación MAPFRE in Mexico and the MIDE (Interactive Museum of Economics) have been collaborating closely since 2014 on a program which strives to make visitors aware of how the economy forms part of everyday life and comprehend the need to plan for...