Duane Michals

From May 31 through September 10, 2017 Fundación MAPFRE is presenting in its Barcelona exhibition hall (Casa Garriga i Nogués) a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the American photographer Duane Michals. TEXT: BLANCA DE LA VÁLGOMA           IM...

Grandpa Goes to Heaven

Grandpa Goes to Heaven is one of the most famous sequences by Duane Michals. The sequences are, according to the style of Michals, a series of images that go to make up a short story, putting in question the sacredness of the single shot.

Landscape of Essen and Rosenblumendelle Colliery

Ségio Mah, curator of the exhibition Albert Renger-Patzsch. The Perspective of Things, analyse the image Landschaft bei Essen und Zeche “Rosenblumendelle”, a photograph that conveys the contrast between the idyllic serenity of the rural world, in the foreground, and the background revealing the massive, outsized nature of the new industrial complexes